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Marvin's Garden Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions. If you need any assistance please give us a call 386-437-2173.

Business Rentals

Can I put up a sign for my business?

Yes, a sign can be placed over the door of the business of most units and there is a marquis that allows for each tenant to have a sign if they so choose at a one time cost of $100. It is the tenant’s responsibility to have the sign lettered as they desire.

Do you remodel Business/Retail Space or allow remodeling of the space?

Yes, remodeling the unit is an option with prior approval.

Is there security cameras/alarms in the business spaces?

Some units have alarms already installed, but it is the tenant’s responsibility to have them activated. There are cameras within the plaza as well.

Is there parking in back of the business or retail spaces for employees and deliveries?

With some units there are rear parking and delivery areas.

How many parking spaces are available with each business or retail space?

There are no assigned parking spaces and there are plenty of spaces within the plaza.

Are utilities included in the rental price of business or retail spaces?

No we do not include any utilities, they are the responsibility of the tenant.

What size business or retail spaces are available?

We have spaces from 576 sf up to over 3000 sf available. We can accommodate most any business or build out what is desired.

How much is the down payment for a business or retail space?

First month rent, last month rent and security deposit are due with signing of the lease. Security deposit varies depending on the size of the unit and rental amount. Most commonly security deposit is $1000.00.

Do you have to sign a long-term lease agreement for business or retail spaces?

We require a minimum of one year lease.

Storage Services

Please Contact All Aboard Storage with any questions...

All Aboard Storage now owns the mini storage complex located within Marvin's Garden, please call them with any questions/inquiries @ 386-202-1788.

Truck Parking

Is the truck parking area secure and monitored?

Yes, there are cameras on the property for security.

Can the truck parking area be accessed 24/7?

Yes, the parking area is accessible at all times.

Do you require a deposit to reserve a truck parking space?

There is a $125 refundable deposit required to reserve parking. The deposit is refunded upon return of the parking permit issued.

Do you have to sign a long-term lease agreement for a truck parking space?

No, parking is on a month-to-month basis. It is prorated upon signing of the lease; however, if parking is terminated prior to the end of the month, there are no refunds. Rent is due as of the 1st of the month.

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